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Inbound Call Tracking Inbound Call Tracking

Inbound Call Tracking

Measure Return On Ad Spend From Marketing Campaigns

No need to invest in expensive hardware. At Callmetrics we provide a full cloud based call management solution at a network level allowing our customers to avail of key leads /sales metrics a the click of a button.

Inbound call reporting allows our customers to see the volume of calls received per campaign, the length of these calls, repeat callers, missed calls and which advertising campaign delivers the greatest return on investment.

One of the unique reports available from Callmetrics will show you how many people visited your website and where they originated from. Our portal will give you all the call stats you require – received calls, missed calls, hang ups. We also track what marketing channels they come from and the destinations they go to within your business.


The Benefits of tracking inbound call leads

  • Know what campaigns are generating call leads
  • Create unique phones numbers for offline media campaigns
  • Capture lost opportunities with Missed Call Tracking
  • Reduce the cost of advertising and marketing
  • Promote your business to a specific area/location when required
  • Assess the effectiveness of your website with real-time reports
  • Helps you drive a better customer experience and higher conversion for each call

You can be up and running in as little as 72 hours


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Inbound Call Tracking