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Call Tracking Reports Call Tracking Reports

Call Tracking Reports

Measure All Sales Channels In Real-Time

Callmetrics’ Simplified Reporting allows users to analyse precisely how effective all your online and offline marketing campaigns are. Callmetrics provides you with granular data on your inbound and outbound telephone and marketing activity.

Comprehensive and detailed call tracking reports provide you with valuable insight, such as marketing response from all your online and offline campaigns. Identifying the Source, Medium, Keyword, Visitor Path, Pages, Campaign, Media and more.

A vital function in our Call Reports platform is the Missed Call Report. Missed Call Reports keep all calls (received, hang-ups or unanswered) in the system. The missed call is logged in the Callmetrics Portal and emailed to the dedicated person within the sales team. This means that all calls are addresses and all calls remain leads.

Statistics show that 76% of first time callers will not make a second call if not answered. With Callmetrics this can be reversed.

Overall, Call reporting allows the user to track cost per response, benchmark your calls based on duration and score them to monitor quality and conversions. In-line search makes it easy for you to quickly find the information you need.

Our reporting portal is intuitive and easy to understand reports allow you to export and email data quickly and easily.



Calls compile into a channels of useful data for reports that help inform your decisions regarding the allocation of budget and other resources. It also allows you make informed advertising optimization tweaks to your campaigns.

Call reports can be categorised by:

  • The tracking number that was called
  • Day
  • Time
  • The channel of advertising
  • Reporting tags
  • Customer service agent


Our reports keep you up to date with the real time data of what is happening in your business.

Reports show:

  • The conversions of each agent and ad channel.
  • The number of calls each agent takes.
  • The number of calls each agent misses.
  • Each agent’s average score per call.
  • Your team’s daily productivity.
  • Inbound as well as outbound calls received or made by each agent.