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Offline Tracking Offline Tracking

Offline Tracking

Track All Radio, TV and Print Campaigns

Like Call Tracking, Offline Tracking determines how a prospect called your business.  It’s a cloud-based software that bridges the gap between sales calls and advertising spend, allowing your investments to be tracked back to calls and ultimately, sales.

Callmetrics are unique in their ability to track traditional channels like print, TV, and radio.  We can expose what channels are driving the most calls and generating the most sales.  We attribute individual tracking numbers to each individual piece of advertising and marketing activity.

Until now a this information was unobtainable to both business owners and marketers. Contrary to popular opinion the traditional methods of advertising are still as effective as ever and print readership in Ireland has grown to the end of 2017.

In addition to knowing how many calls have come in, we can provide detailed information about each caller.  Using call scoring and conversions you can see how much revenue has come in from each phone call and channel.

Why Clients Use Offline Tracking


  • Reduces the cost of  advertising and marketing campaigns.


  • Traditional offline marketing supports online presence and increase traffic and revenue.


  • Fully understanding the effectiveness of both online and offline campaigns will improve ROI.


  • Tracking and analytics help understand and enhance the quality of your offline campaigns.


  • Newspaper circulation is growing in Ireland (1.1% in 2017).