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Lead Retrieval Lead Retrieval

Lead Retrieval

Retrieve All Inbound Calls

Never Miss A Lead

Callmetrics work with over 100 new and used Car dealerships throughout Ireland helping increase sales, while also analysing and optimising marketing spend. We also offer integration with the most popular lead management systems in the Irish car sector.

There are situations when you are not able to access your phone and you miss the important calls potential customer, business partners and others. Callmetrics’ Lead Retrieval solution is proven to increase sales. Some of our customers report recovering anything from 1 to 4 deals per week

Callmetrics Lead Retrieval notifies sales teams with an email within 30 seconds of the call (missed, cancelled, hung up). The email shows what marketing channel the customer phoned from, therefore giving your sales team warm leads to follow up on their next potential new car sale.

Statistics show that the average would-be buyer spends 12-15 hours (depending on the product and industry) online researching. reviewing and relaying information on a certain product or service.
Research has revealed that most customers only call twice before they take their business elsewhere. Additionally, 76% of first time callers will not make a second call if not answered. With Lead Retrieval this can be reversed, putting the power back in to the sellers hands.

Lead Retrieval ensures that all calls are followed up on and their queries addressed in a timely and professional manner. This means that sales teams are working at the optimum level which is critical in today’s digital world, where competitors are only a click away.

If you are interested in improving conversion and the customer experience, please call our team today and see the difference for yourself – call us today on 1890 25 25 15.

And remember, if we don’t pick up – we will still know you called!


Audi Wexford

What our customers say

Callmetrics allow us to accurately monitor incoming call volumes and lead generation from our different marketing channels. Our website, Used Car Websites, Social Media, Press, Radio, Direct Mail and Email campaigns.

We have access to our portal on the Callmetrics website, which correlates and reports on call data. This vital information is used right across all departments in our dealership.

I would highly recommend Callmetrics to any motor dealer or sales based organisation looking to gain a greater insight into their own sales and marketing.

Barry Devereux – Audi Wexford